Data and System Integrity Strategy

We all need to ensure Data Integrity and System Integrity for our organizations and personal computers. It’s clear that cyber-attacks are an ever-growing concern and will not stop. Your company, agency or you personally may be attacked tomorrow. The damage to your reputation and continuity of operations is at risk. What protections can quickly be put in place without major expense?

QCOR works with GreenTec-USA deploying CYBERdisk and WORMdisk technologies to protect you from cyber-attacks.  CYBERdisks protect your system from cyber-attacks. WORMdisks protect your data from cyber-attacks. Safe and simple self-protecting, DISA validated and NIST SP 1800-11 Data Integrity compliant storage.  Secure, easy to use, works like ordinary storage systems, supports standard interfaces, file systems and applications.

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