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Stops Ransomware

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Zero Trust Storage ™ (ZTS)

Stops More Than Ransomware

Our Zero Trust Storage data security platform — cloud, appliance, or software — prevents data extortion, sabotage, and theft for any data workload in real-time.


Your Data Is Not Safe.

The best cybersecurity software will not keep your data safe from cybercriminals. In 2021, ransomware hurt 37% of organizations globally, causing 21-days of disruption at an average cost of $1.85 million.

How they do it:

  • Encrypt your production data for ransom.
  • Delete your backups stopping recovery.
  • Worse, they steal your secrets & IP

ZTS Features

On-Premises, Cloud, or Software (SaaS)

Deploy Qcor ZTS as an on-premises appliance, in the cloud, or as software. Simple to set up and scalable, supporting up to as many Petabytes as needed.

Neuron™ AI Software

Automated configuration and integration with Neuron cyber defense control. Neuron AI performs continuous integrity, auditing and intrusion checking alerting you when anything is out of the ordinary.

Hardware & Software Immutability

Tamper-proof storage with proprietary WORM firmware automated by AI-powered software (Neuron) secures data at a physical (partition or block) level resulting in the world’s most secure data storage.

WORMdisk™ Security

Partition level WORM protection for data workloads like VMs, SaaS apps, databases, Linux and Windows files. Integrates with your on-site encryption, authentication, and access control cybersecurity.

ForceField™ Security

Block-level WORM for streaming data workloads like blockchains, transactions, logs, IoT, and video data.  Built in encryption, authentication, and access control easily integrates into your systems.

3rd Party Extensible

Scalable and extensible allowing fast connection with most 3rd party cyber security services. Tested and validated by leading authentication, access control, backup, cloud, encryption, and detection providers.

ZTS Benefits

Impenetrable Storage

Your data cannot be read, manipulated, or deleted by a cyber attack. The only patented hardware and software immutable storage platform that stops ransomware infections at the physical partition or block level.

True Zero Trust

NIST Zero Trust standards are engineered into our hardware and software WORM technologies. Competitive worm solutions are software-based and hackable.

Dynamic Workloads

Dynamically scales to support growth and performance for all data workloads or legacy storage systems. Loaded with storage to match your multi-year growth needs, with the ability to expand as your requirements grow.

Always-On Live Data

Since Ransomware cannot damage your data, it remains online and live even after an attack, which means you have 100% availability to your data for real time applications or fast data recovery.

AI-Powered Control

Automated AI software provides for a quick setup, monitoring, and integration with current cyber security, backup, recovery, and cloud management systems.

Lower Total Costs

Lower total costs due to our pricing model, less redundant storage, and automation requiring fewer people.

Validated by US Cybersecurity Experts

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