Simply stated, QCOR’s mission is Quality at the Core.

QCOR tackles difficult technical challenges with innovative solutions and services with focus on Cyber Defense, Secure Storage and Video Compression.

Cyber Defense – simple, safe, secure solutions for compliance with the NIST 800-53 Risk Management Framework Confidentiality, Integrity and Available requirements.  We provide NIST 1800-11 Data Integrity compliance protecting sensitive data and systems against Ransomware, data sabotage, manipulation, deletion, re-formatting, insider threats and other cyber-attacks.  

Secure Storage – scalable, secure, easy to use.  Solutions start at 500GB and range up to 4.1 Petabytes.  Also available in the Cloud for customer-controlled private and hybrid clouds with AWS, Azure and others. 

Video Compression – Wireless services charges can rapidly consume an agency’s budget.  The XTC-2100 Video Compressor is a small, lightweight, low-energy system that provides significant savings for secure video and audio remote surveillance streaming applications. 

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QCOR – Integrated, safe, secure…






QCOR is a solutions provider focused on securing networks, systems and data for commercial organizations and government agencies.

Our roles and participation in projects range from simply a consulting or advisory role, to complete project design, management, development, testing, documentation, deployment and operations, always with security built-in at the core.

Our primary company offerings include:

• Cyber Risk Analysis and Mitigation
• System hardening, STIG testing, penetration testing
• Secure Un-hackable hardware level cyber-protection
• System Integrator and Services Provider
• High-performance, reduced Size Weight and Power (SWaP)
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