It is a common mis-understanding that by using encryption that your data is secure.   Encrypted data can still be deleted, or re-encrypted by Ransomware, which denies you access to your data.

QCOR’s innovative cyber defense protects data and systems at the core, embedding security where it belongs, inside of the disk itself, and it cannot be bypassed.  It is the Last Line of Defense when other security applications have failed, protecting sensitive data and systems from cyber-attacks.

The truth is that there are two sides to the data security equation:

Security = Data Confidentiality + Data Integrity 

S = Dc + Di

  • Data Confidentiality (Dc) prevents data loss in the form of exfiltration, disclosure, or the ability of an adversary to use or exploit your sensitive data for their gain or profit, or for your embarrassment.  Data Confidentiality (Dc) is commonly solved by using data encryption.
  • Data Integrity (Di) prevents data alteration, deletion, sabotage, modification, virus injection or Ransomware.  This is commonly NOT solved by conventional security products because the Data Integrity (Di) technology required to prevent alteration and deletion is newly available from QCOR.

QCOR’s WORMdisk™ and ForceField™ technologies solve both the Dc and the DI problems with advanced patented AI algorithms that protect your data from both exfiltration and alteration.  QCOR’s technology is the secure storage used by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for Data Confidentiality, Data Integrity and protection from Ransomware and other destructive events.  With QCOR’s Zero Trust Storage™, data is always protected and remains on-line and accessible as needed, so you don’t need to do the “Air Gap” dance with your data.