Cyber Defense Made Easy, at the Core.

QCOR’s innovative cyber defense protects data and systems at the core, embedding security where it belongs, inside of the disk itself, and it cannot be bypassed.  It is the Last Line of Defense protecting sensitive data and the OS from cyber-attacks when other security applications have failed.

Safe and secure.  The protections are always within the disk and are OS independent, access permissions independent and travel with the disk wherever it goes.

  • CYBERdisks = Survivable Systems .   Protects sensitive parts of the OS boot disk from MBR, partition table and firmware cyber-attacks.
  • WORMdisks  = Survivable Data.   Protects data files and critical data from sabotage, manipulation, deletion, re-formatting, Ransomware, firmware and data directed cyber-attacks.

Simple, easy to use like a typical disk.  Scales from a single 500GB USB device, rack mount solutions up to 4.1 Petabytes, and also in the Cloud.